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Indiana ranks third of 37 states for teens who considered suicide

By Lauren Fox & Claire Radler

“I remember praying to die. At the grotto, I remember praying to die.” –  Morgan Monte, 34, a peer support specialist for a community of mental health.

In her late teenage years and during her sophomore and junior years at Notre Dame, Morgan Monte struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts, the same issues that she helps others combat today through her work.

“It was in my mind all the time, like thoughts of being worthless. Everything I did, my mind would find a way to tell me that I screwed up somehow,” Monte said.

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How Religious is Indiana?

Is Indiana quite religious compared to other U.S. states? Not really. According to data from Gallup and Pew Research, Indiana is pretty averagely religious. Gallup’s recent poll ranks Indiana as the 22nd most religious state. Find out more about religion in Indiana and how Indiana compares to the other states by clicking on the the link below and viewing a data graphic.