Google Trends: South Bend Tribune soars over national papers

By Lauren Fox

Photo obtained from the South Bend Tribune's twitter profile.

Photo obtained from the South Bend Tribune’s twitter profile.

In the cities of South Bend and Elkhart, Indiana, trends show that the local newspaper, the South Bend Tribune, gets significantly more searches on Google compared with The New York Times and USA Today, the two most circulated newspapers in the United States, according to a poll taken in the spring of 2016. This proves there is significant interest in local news in the cities of South Bend and Elkhart.

South Bend Tribune vs. NY Times and USA Today

In the past year, the only time the number of searches for the New York Times came close to that of the South Bend Tribune was between November 6th-12th, during the presidential election. This was most likely due to the extensive coverage and data the Times gave to the election. USA Today, however, remained significantly low in popularity during the time period.

Does this prove that people are more interested in local news than national news? According to Pew Research Center, 72% of Americans over the age of 40 closely follow local news. It will be interesting to see how these percentages and trends change as the millennial generation ages.


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