Google Earth Tour: 10 Notre Dame Popular Study Abroad Locations

More than half of Notre Dame students participate in a study abroad program during their time at Notre Dame, whether that be during the academic year or in the summer. Notre Dame International offers 52 study abroad programs during the academic year and 19 in the summer. In this youtube video you can take a trip around the world and visit 10 of the most popular study abroad locations Notre Dame students participate in. Here is a list of the locations visited in the tour:

Starting Point: Notre Dame, Indiana

  1. Château D’Angers — Angers, France
  2. Guinness Storehouse — Dublin, Ireland
  3. Tivoli Gardens — Copenhagen, Denmark
  4. Acropolis — Athens, Greece
  5. Big Ben — London, England
  6. Catedral de Puebla — Puebla, Mexico
  7. Perth Mint — Perth, Australia
  8. Colosseum — Rome, Italy
  9. Catedral de Toledo — Toledo, Spain
  10. La Moneda Palace — Santiago, Chile

George Leads Pacers in Player Base Salaries for 2016-2017 Season

Small forward Paul George has the highest base salary for the Pacers in the 2016-2017 season. George has played with the Pacers since 2010, and is currently engaged in a five-year contract with them. By the 2018-2019 season, George will have a base salary of $20,703,384, compared with this year’s $18,314,532. The next highest base salaries of the Pacers are held by Thaddeus Young, Monta Ellis, and Al Jefferson. To see all the Pacers’ base salaries for 2016-2017, click on the link below:

How Religious is Indiana?

Is Indiana quite religious compared to other U.S. states? Not really. According to data from Gallup and Pew Research, Indiana is pretty averagely religious. Gallup’s recent poll ranks Indiana as the 22nd most religious state. Find out more about religion in Indiana and how Indiana compares to the other states by clicking on the the link below and viewing a data graphic.

StoryMap: America’s 10 Cities Dealing with a Drinking Problem

Using StoryMap JS, I created an interactive map highlighting the top 10 American cities with drinking issues. This data comes from a Centers for Disease Control study, which Men’s Health magazine then used to rank U.S. cities by their “drunkenness” based on liver disease, DUI arrests, etc.

See the interactive map here.


10 Must-Visit Literary Locations in and around Indianapolis

Whether you want to learn more about Naptown native Kurt Vonnegut, buckle-down and find a solitary corner of a library to get some work accomplished, or kick back with a nice cold one and a book, Indianapolis has got you covered. This map of Indianapolis and a few surrounding cities displays 10 locations that book-loving Hoosiers must visit. Monthly poetry readings, a library converted into a restaurant, and craft-beers named after books are just a few of the literary-related items Indiana has to offer.